Our Rates

As we all know, restoration costs can be a bit of a minefield, what I will try and do for you here is set out a very basic list of some of the more "run of the mill" cost's involved in everyday(for me anyway)restoration.

1.     Welding is dependent on amount needed, the "Norm" would be a 2"x2" patch over  the top of good metal and no dressing of the weld = £40.00gbp per            patch.

We can also flush weld the above mentioned size for an extra £20.00.gbp per patch, these can be filled and painted at extra cost.  the cost's vary if there's more work involved.


2.      Restoration Rates.... These vary again due to length of time and the work involved, but I will give you a basic layout of how we try and work out our rates.

 These vary from a low daily rate of £250.00gbp per day per man(8hr) worked on your restoration(labour only) No matter what is involved on the day's we work on your restoration, that is the cost for a day's work.


3.      Our hourly rates again depend on the work involved, but as a guide they start at £25.00gbp per hour, to £40.00gbp per hour.

The rates and or approximate cost of restoration can be discussed at the time, we welcome *staged payments* to make things more affordable,  we are very flexible with hours and rates, and will try to accommodate all levels of a restoration budget or repair no matter how big or small.


The above is only a general guide, for more information, or clarity on our prices, please contact : Steve on 07889287562 9am-7pm



• Full and part resprays. 

• Repair panel fabrication.

• Mot repairs.

• We can also facilitate on site, the following; Welding on aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron.

• Helicoil thread inserts in metric & imperial, including spark plug holes.

• Crankshaft repairs.

• Engine rebuilds.

• Rebores.

• Engine assessments using minature video camera.

• Compression testing.
Honing & reaming on bushings, connecting rods etc.

• Armature testing on dynamos and starter motors.

• Rewiring and electrical fault diagnosis.

• Petrol tank repairs and dent removal.

• Custom fabrications and modifications.

• General servicing on classic/vintage cars and bikes. 

• Restorations and part restorations. 

• Magneto rebuilds.

• Valve seat grinding, valve refacing and oversize guide fitting and machining.

• Polishing.

• Plastic repairs to fairings and dashboards.